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Frequently Asked Questions   |   Work from Home   |   Data Entry Jobs

1. What is Ad Posting Job and How to work?
The work is Easy and simple. All you need to do is just copy-paste the text ADS (provided by us) into various free classifieds sites. The more you post, the more payment you receive. You can work part time during day or night from your home at your convient time.

2. How do i Join in this Program?
Step 1. Click on the Register Now button and Fill the Registration Form
Step 2. Send an Email to with your details.
Step 3. After Verifying the Payment, We will send you the Login Details within 24 Hours by Email.

3. What is the Reason for collecting the Joining fee?
The reason for collecting the joining fees is to provide a complete support like phone support, chat support, email support and also for cross checking the reports submitted by yours everymonth and also we provide you the 100+ classifieds list with login access to our website. In Advance we collect the Registration Fees for providing you the support for 5 months. and its not refundable. and we are not responsible if you dont take our support or if you dont work.

4. How much can I earn in this program?
Maximum you can earn upto Rs.6000/- per month depending on the number of ad posting you do.

5. Is the Membership fees Refundable or Transferable?
No, the membership fees are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable to any other person.

6. What is the minimum ads to post & How i Get Paid?
Minimum you have to post at least 100 correct ads per month to get paid. but if your total earnings does not reach the minimum payout balance of rs. 1,000/- then your earnings will be carried forward to the next month until it reaches rs. 1000/-. and the payment will be deposited into your bank before 15th of every month only if your previous and current months balance had reached minimum payout of Rs. 1,000/-

7. How long my membership is valid for?
Your membership is valid for 5 Months.

8. Where will I get the Free Classified Websites?
The classified websites list has to be searched yourself from various search engines like,,, etc. using various keywords.

9. How will you know whether I have posted Ad or not?
After posting each Ad, you have to insert the ad link into the reporting file and should be sent to us only on 30th of every month.

10. In a Website, How many Ads I can Post?
In a classified website you haev to post only 1 ad per month.

11. Can I see any Ad Posting Job Demo?
Yes, Here are the links PDF File Demo - Video Demo 1 - Video Demo 2 - Video Demo 3

12. Any terms on Classified Site i Post?
Ads should be posted on classified website, which should contain atleast fews advertisements on the site already. if posted on website which doesnot have any advertisements or ads on their website, the ad reported link will be rejected.

13. Is there any Accuracy Required in Reporting?
The Ad Posted Reporting of any month should have an accuraccy of alteast 30% correct, if not the whole month report will be rejected. (example: if you send 1000 reporting links in a month, atleast 300 links should be correct)

14. Any Restriction on Classified Websites?
Do not post ads in a similiar type of cloned websites. For Example there are few classified websites which has got the same design and features with just different colors installed on 100's of other domains. So, Kindly do not post in such websites, if posted those links will not be considered.

15. Can i use my personal details while posting Ad?
Kindly do not use your personal details while posting an ad, all the details to insert into the classified website will be given by us

16. If I have any doubt, what should i do?
If you have any doubt, please email us at

Kindly Read our Terms and Conditions